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Learning coaching

Let’s find out how you can learn most effectively.

Do you want to learn something new, but somehow it’s not working out? Do you feel inhibited or ashamed? Or something is blocking and holding you back? Exam anxiety? Whatever it is – together we will find it out and transform it.

Let’s find out how you can learn most effectively. Habits, learning routines, or even specific experiences from previous learning situations influence us as adults when we want to learn something. On the way to your learning success, I am happy to be by your side.

Possible topics for your learning coaching:



Are you facing a challenging transitional situation, experiencing a crisis, or encountering recurring difficulties that require change? Or do you have a completely different concern where you seek support?

I offer: Listening on all levels, appreciative support throughout the entire process, as well as a suitcase full of effective methods.

If there are problems in relationships, I offer counseling and support for individuals or couples (or multiple individuals involved in the relationships), as well as family members.

The focus is on sorting you, strengthening you, finding your resources, and perhaps also bravely exploring new paths.

The coachings take place online via Zoom, or as needed through Coaching Space, where we have wonderful opportunities for constellation work and much more. We can also meet in person, for example, for a Walk and Talk, if we are both in the same location.

Possible topics for your Empowerment-Coaching:


Package –Explore

Untangle, Recognize, Clarity

3 x 60 Min. = starting from 110€

That suits you? Great!

Book your free phone call.

Package –Evolve

Immerse, Illuminate, Understand, Accept, Change

1 x 60 Min. and 4 x 90 Min. = starting from 260€ (incl. regular check ins via WhatsApp if needed)

That suits you? Great! Book your free phone call.

Package –Expand

Apply, Connect, Consolidate, Integrate

1 x 60 Min. and 6 x 90 Min. = starting from 365€ (incl.regular check ins via WhatsApp if needed)

That suits you? Great! Book your free phone call.

You want more information about me? Learn more or contact me personally. I look forward to hearing from you! A first phone conversation is free, I will call you.



Collage Workshop “The Power of Images”

Create your very own collage on your topic. It is fun, intense, intuitive, and the result will surprise you. Let it emerge without wanting anything – this is how you reveal what is truly important to you.

Workshop “Encounters”

How am I supposed to know who I am without distinguishing myself from something I am not? Encounters with yourself, encounters with others. What does that mean to you? Experience yourself in this workshop with creative and body-related exercises in a different way.

Further workshop formats are being planned. No dates are currently planned.

Would you like to take part? Or do you have a location where you would like me to offer a workshop? Feel free to contact me.

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