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That’s me.

That describes quite well what makes me tick and how it can be in communication with me. Words are important to me and have meaning. In contact with other people, however, it is not always words that create understanding.

I find great importance in facilitating, creating, strengthening, deepening, or improving connections—whether they’re between two or more people or within ourselves. However, language barriers, emotional blockages, fears, or other boundaries can sometimes hinder us from forging these connections, despite our innate desire to do so.

Courage and motivation are also important building blocks in my life and I consider the feeling of being self-determined and self-effective to be the greatest gift I have given myself.

My Base and Inspiration:

My daughter (20 years old)

Sport (Fitness, Boxing), Music (Rock, Metal), Traveling (South-, Southeast of Europe)

Systemic- integrative Mentor (according to DGSF) und Personal Coach/ Psychological Mentor

MA General Linguistics

BA German as a foreign language

I remain unshaken by surprises, as my open-mindedness leads me to anticipate that things can always unfold differently. I perceive individuals as unique repositories of miracles, and I observe and listen attentively. These qualities and abilities serve as the foundation of my work. Engaging with others on equal footing, embracing constructivist principles, and focusing on resources are additional pillars that stem from my systemic training and personal philosophy about the world and humanity.